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Almost always the men who achieve these fundamental inventions of a new paradigm have been either very young or very new to the field whose paradigm they change.
— Thomas S. Kuhn
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962)




The aim of this theory is unify the geosciences around an extraordinary event and even demonstrate that the incessant global tectonic events and major geophysical, geological and paleontological are consequences of the recovery, gradually, the sphericity of Earth lost in collision with another planet about 600 million years ago in which it lost most of its mass and its original crust and consequently most of its water making it a planet of lower volume. The imense global tectonism  may be observed, in real time, in

       I could call this theory only “A planet collided with the Earth 600 Myr ago”, but it would be so hard to deny the evidence that the planet Venus, which is due to the my conviction I have is that it involved the planet, I want to include it as an adjunct to such important episode, and so this theory would have come to be known as: “Venus collided with the Earth 600 Myr ago” (VCT600MA) or simply (VCT). If I did not include Venus as the partner of this event other researchers would discover almost immediately that he was the cause of so great a disaster although I know that the title was a puzzle and that when we disagree with a statement initially tend not to be aware of justifications. The title is amazing and seemingly unlikely, but only a radical event could provide a simple explanation and unifying all Geosciences. I credit this discovery to the knowledge of physics and chemistry coupled with the constant questioning in monitoring the progress of science and the fact that I have worked as a systems analyst who tries to see the issues from a systemic approach. Thus, the theory could be split into two: the first deals with damage to the earth and planetary collision in his recovery and the second deals with the identification of the author of the damage, using the evidence and its implications. The delay of the discovery of the real mechanism of tectonic plates shift is mainly due to the fact of there being a human being on Earth at a time when the planet is the original format with almost all recovered, looking at some distance, almost a perfect sphere and avoiding the suspicion that has been greatly distorted. However if we could see it without the water of the oceans, we would notice easily that still holds important and instructive depression in the Pacific region. Moreover, whenever we see the globe, where we highlight the continents, we feel that is missing the rest of the crust and it really is and is very evident when the news agencies put in their studios as a backdrop, a clear bubble to rotate.

It shows that the existence of Pangea, about 600 Ma, was due to loss of much of part of the mass of the planet and the consequent impact was briefly with tapered so as part of the inner core was very heavy at the apex, where today is the Pangea and the central Pacific was the remainder of the crust and that was diametrically opposite, forming part of the base of the cone and protected by the inner core. The earth, before the collision, was completely involved in a global ocean whose waters, high salinity, down the crust remaining. This deformity has led to a further flattening of the planet that is left of the plates kept the plates of Pangea close range and caused 400 Myr to the beginning of its separation, begun 200 Myr is due to its slow recovery of shape because of the migration of the nucleus and the remaining heavy layers that surround it because the Earth's interior consists of heterogeneous layers, ie, have different densities.

It shows why the continental plates, formed by the silicate layers of about 45 km, have continuity solutions, while the rest of the crust, making up the ocean floor, is about 5 km and is composed of basalt, from the last 600 Myr and that was covered by sediments resulting from erosion of continental plates.
This presents the mechanism of displacement of continents and shows that because they is not drifting aimlessly, but going very slowly around the world towards a common place and great depth, relative and remaining, the central Pacific Ocean, using the gravitational potential energy and facilitated by the absence of most of its original crust.
This shows gradual break of the crust remaining to adapt to a planet, now much smaller diameter, through various formats from the conical shape, is the cause of the existence of rocks and mountains of different ages and heights where the mantle, which is liquid, acts as a fulcrum lever interfixa process and that due to the accentuation of the curvature of the time, generated the enormous pressure and sufficient, at the fulcrum, to cause the broken plate and the consequent rise of magma and also kept the pressure up to solidification.

It explains the extensive and shallow marine areas on the crust, the deep mines of rock salt, the formation of cataracts, transform faults, extensive and deep caves, deep lakes, fjords, the canyons, including the Grand Canyon, who buried its huge cracks in the  thousands of  km3 of eroded material and creating major problems for understanding the geologic column due to the inversion of stratigraphic layers.
It shows how the volcanoes work and the reason of volcanism fissural, of basaltic and cataracts, the reason earthquakes including earthquakes intraocular continental, existence volcanoes belt fire is permanently active like volcanoes of Hawaii and because have output voluminous and continuous magma.

 It shows that the current volcanoes is part of a system of communicating vessels where the liquid container is mantle and the crust is formed on the planet who is changing its format from the collision.
It shows that tsunamis is the flow of water suspended above the sea level, after a after the lifting a piece of oceanic plate.
It shows that all the oil is composed of much material that existed in the microbiological Global Ocean, before the collision, and attended all the carbon that was on the planet and that it was composed mainly of microalgae that closed primarily carbohydrates, and was trapped in cracks in the crust among the continental plates and bas-reliefs on them that formed deposits covered and permeated with sediment and the deeper deposits, such as pre-salt. These deposits is the suppliers of oil to the upper levels that have escaped and still escape through the cracks caused the gradual adaptation of crust and, because of this, gives us the impression of having been formed from more recent times and with organic matter later.
It shows that the reason for not having oil deposits in the bed of the Pacific Ocean is because the waters around the Pangea were in constant motion, due to boiling generated by direct contact with the magma and in an area immensely wide and smooth, relatively.

Sheds light on the origin of most natural diamonds that were probably produced from small accumulations of oil infiltrated into cracks and deposited on the top of the magma with its immense heat generated together with the compression lever in the movement of continental plates in motion adaptation and also due to the fluidity of the magma that brought to the surface made easy by its low relative density.
It shows that the absence of most of the crust turned what was left of the planet, which was wrapped in an icy ocean covered by ice, similar to Europe satellite of Jupiter, in a ball of water vapor, Steamball Earth, due to the immense heat generated by direct contact of water with the magma after provoking a super extinction of microalgae mass, led to the explosion of the complexity of life of the Cambrian Explosion period to provide continuous and immense energy.

 It shows that the formation of ore deposits was due to jets of metal sent into space, the final moment of the compression garment, and who did not achieve escape velocity and fell, indiscriminately, on the crust remaining.
It shows that these metals and other elements that fell on the crust made possible the explosion of the complexity of Cambrian life accelerated by genetic mutations produced by in intense lightning storms that were a constant for tens of millions years due to boiling of the great ocean around Pangea.
It shows that huge amount of fossils of almost all sizes is still to be found, because they is buried among the mountain ranges raised at the same time and also at the bottom of the canyons, it was the best place to walk is paved by sedimentation and worst place to be when it opened.

The conical shape of what is remain of the planet combined with the inertial motion of the layer of iron, at first at first post-crash, the most likely reason is the formation of the magnetic field and its periodic reversals is due, most likely, both the dynamic format remains of iron, trying to regain his previous form, as to the displacement of elements heavier than iron through it, including Uranium, Thorium, Gold and Platinum, for they had been exposed at the tip cone and the movement began soon after internalization shortly after the collision when it was defined then a new center of gravity. The decrease of the magnetic field is probably due to the recovery sphericity of layer of iron.
The displacement of the layers toward the center of the planet, which draws upon him the lighter, aims to match the center of gravity, the geometric center because all the stars tend to be spherical because a sphere, is the lowest state of potential energy and stability.

The evidence shows that the other planet involved in the collision, and not disintegrated, is Venus to indicate the location of the initial friction and compression cracks between it and the Earth, two sets, cross of parallel lines on a surface area of Venus (parallel lines in Lakshmi Region) whose image needs to be fully released by NASA and will reveal an almost triangular shape, saved due to the bath washes, that this planet has led and helped to produce its slow retrograde rotation, and because he always shows the same face as the shortest distance between two planets. This area is also known by the nickname "graph paper" due to the regularity and clean with no rocks and this is due to compression of the Global Ocean before touching surfaces. The tip of the triangle corresponds to the beginning of the collision and  the base of this triangle must be present in the sense of rotation because the rotation was reversed and corresponds to the beginning of the sinking of Venus, concentrated in Aphrodite Terra, in the mantle of Earth in actual Pacific region.

The entry of the Venus in the body of the Earth has been easier for it to have a thick crust and a much smaller diameter which gave a higher relative hardness and with the dip in the soft mantle of Earth, not left to crumble despite its surface has been with many cracks and depressions and helped to produce its slow retrograde rotation. This explains why Venus has 80% of its surface bathed in magma and is likely the Earth, around 600 Myr, retracing its surface, each one with its processes because they had damage different.
This theory shows that the first billion comets were generated by the compression of Global Ocean in a split second and that asteroids is also generated from this collision to explain its compositions ranging from silicates to metal, the reason for his strange orbits and also behind astrobiological implications astrobiological material making it possible for the microbiological of Earth and that permeated the Global Ocean, has been spread throughout the solar system, through these objects. It also presents the most likely reason that the surface of the basalt found in the Moon of origin is the result of Earth in one or two contacts between them, which have very different densities because they were formed in different places, as opposed to popular belief, the Moon, probably was the orbit it is, had status planet in the solar system and received the Earth in its orbit as invader, who captured after this (ese) touch (es).
 This can be confirmed very soon by the Astrophysics through radiometric dating of these basalts which should be under the age of 600 Myr. Thus, the rotation of the Moon is still relative to Earth probably because of this(ese) contact(s).
Studies should be made to see if there was contact between them there is also 250 Myr and 65 Myr ago, when super-extinctions occurred or much earlier, due to a massive basaltic flows on the continental crust.

This theory presents the most probable reason for the precession of the perihelion of Mercury, a phenomenon believed to be due to the presence of an unknown planet, called "Vulcan" that would be inside the orbit of Mercury and caused, for a long time, the frantic search for the planet by astronomers, but it was never discovered and became a mystery because it contradicted Newtonian mechanics.The precession of Mercury was "explained" by Albert Einstein in a work published in 1917, encouraged by the astrophysicist and friend Sir Arthur S. Eddington, which presented a “solution” to this problem and thus the end waved to the mystery when then included in the formula a factor of "relativity", claiming it was due to the proximity of the Sun, and the search is over because of the prestige of the scientist, and some even think that Newton was wrong. However the solution of Einstein is being challenged by various scientists, including astronomer Tom Van Flandern (1940-2009), who worked at the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington. According to them, Einstein would have "adjusted" the arguments for the result, previously known, was reached, for he knew that this would be a critical test of his General Theory of Relativity. Thus, this theory VCT600MA, nods to the likely solution to demonstrate that Venus would have to go inside the orbit of Mercury and a gravitational perturbation caused to orbit Mercury, which could not be countered with his back because Venus stood in the way due to the collision with the Earth and so the gravitational perturbation was maintained, ie, precession was a remnant. So, Venus is probably the much sought "Vulcan" and that is far from its place of demand. Thus, the astronomer Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier was partially correct.
The VCT600MA theory also shows that it is possible and the final disposal of radioactive waste safely in a short time and because we can safely use the heat of the Earth's mantle, the inexhaustible Geothermal Energy.
It is expected that there will be billions of earthquakes, tsunamis and global volcanism, because the seafloor in the Pacific region is about 804m below the average depth of the other oceans and so is still missing there, about 133 million km3 of mass to be moved from the rest of the planet, raising the bed of the Pacific and resulting tsunamis that will force the distribution of the waters raised by other oceans and seas.
The arrival of mass for that region will alter the curvature of the upper mantle (the magma line) and therefore will continue to cause tensions in the crust, subsequently released in earthquakes, because it is floating on the mantle.
As this planet is essentially liquid and the gravity claims the totality, we must prepare to protect ourselves, developing technologies, because adaptation continues throughout the crust, and ignorance, is still being made bridges and hydroelectric dams in canyons and many buildings over large cracks in the crust by where is the great rivers.


Keywords: Friction, area of parallel lines, magma line, deformation of the planet, cone, deforming the nucleus, slip of tectonic plates, sphericity, kinetic energy, gravitational potential energy, primary cracks, cracks for adaptation, Global Ocean, comets, asteroids, collision, Venus, Lakshmi planum, Aphrodite Terra, astrobiology, Cambrian, eccentricity, Venus, VCT600MA theory.



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